Industry 4.0

The SUPPRESS research group has equipment for Industry 4.0 in which research and educational activities in the different fields related with this new paradigm can be developed.
The demonstrator model is the result of the SIEMENS Award: “Automatización y Digitalización. Industria 4.0” in the year 2019, organized through the Spanish Committee of Automatic Control (Comité Español de Automática), which was won by the aforementioned group. The demonstrator model incorporates the usual technologies related to Industry 4.0: connectivity with standard protocols, data storage and processing in the cloud, advanced data analysis, digital twins and industrial cybersecurity. In the project, the basis is an industrial pilot plant of the research group, located in the School of Engineering of the University of León (ULE), which has been transformed into a cyber-physical system for Industry 4.0. This system  will incorporate state-of-the-art PLCs from SIEMENS, with PROFINET communication.

Industrial cybersecurity is also reinforced by means of industrial firewalls. All the information related to the process is transferred to the cloud through smart IIoT gateways. In addition, the system provides functionalities such as remote operation, through secure access, and intelligent data analysis in the cloud. Furthermore, the industrial process is reproduced virtually through a digital twin.