Robotic Electropneumatic Cell


The robotic electropneumatic cell simulates an assembly line with electro-pneumatic elements through which items circulate and which, after identification with an artificial vision system, are subjected to different manufacturing processes (simulation of drilling, elimination of defective components, etc.).

The system is divided into the following sub-systems:

  • ABB industrial robot. In charge of loading the items in each iteration of the process. Using a pneumatic gripper, it will pick up the parts and deposit them on the conveyor belt for sorting.
  • Conveyor belt. In charge of transporting the items through a series of stages to the next subsystem, the manipulator. This subsystem is made up of:
    • Camera for identification of the deposited item
    • Electro-pneumatic cylinders simulating industrial activities (turning, milling…)
    • Photoelectric sensors to indicate the position of the item
  • Pneumatic manipulator. Transports the items from the conveyor belt to one of the storage lanes according to the code of the item.
  • Storage lanes. Formed by 3 lanes and is where the parts deposited by the manipulator are stored. Designed with a view to implementing a queue control system.

The SUPPRESS (Supervision, Control and Automation) Research Group of the University of León designed, developed and implemented this system.

The following diagram shows the different subsystems in the electro-pneumatic robotic cell, identified by colours:

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